Volume actuel : 2018


Vol. 21 - 1

Value creation and appropriation in asymmetric alliances: the case of tech startups

Jesús J. Cambra Fierro, Lourdes Pérez.

Pages : 534-573

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Innovation & Technology - Qualitative Methods - Strategy & Business Policy




Better, faster, stronger, the impact of market oriented coopetition on product commercial performance

Paul Chiambaretto, Frédéric Le Roy, Benjamin Mira, Marc Robert.

Pages : 574-610

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Quantitative Methods - Strategy & Business Policy




"This is serious": enacting authority during managerial conversations

Florence Allard-Poesi, Hervé Laroche.

Pages : 611-645

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CSR & Business Ethics - Qualitative Methods




Zones of participation (and non-participation) in open strategy: Desirable, actual and undesirable

Lisa Callagher, Jessica Crewe-Brown, Frank Siedlok, Peter Smith.

Pages : 646-666

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Qualitative Methods - Strategy & Business Policy




Theaters of capitalism: Creating conscious capitalism


Aurore Haas.

Pages : 667-671

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Tidsstudiemannen - Le Chronométreur


Emilie Reinhold, Tommy Jensen.

Pages : 672-674

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The whistleblower as the personification of a moral and managerial paradox


Patrice Cailleba, Sandra Charreire Petit.

Pages : 675-690

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