Strategic Relational Sequences: Microsoft's Coopetitive Game in the OOXML Standardization Process

  • Saïd Yami University of Lille 1 - LEM CNRS 9221 & KEDGE Business School, Marseille
  • Hervé Chappert University of Montpellier, MRM
  • Anne Mione University of Montpellier, MRM


The research question dealt with in this article is the following: can a leader use coopetition as its market control strategy? The study addresses how Microsoft managed relational modes in the situation of coopetition within the AFNOR Technical Committee to present the French position on its new standard OOXML draft. A dynamic perspective is considered. The results show that the leader can use coopetition as its market control strategy. They analyze the game of the leader along the standardization process that is characterized by a subtle management according to key sequences using relational modes (cooperation, competition and coopetition) that allow it to achieve its goals.


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