How to revise

You received an invitation to revise and resubmit your article. Congratulations! Taking the time to process the reviews and to carefully rethink your manuscript if needed is key to the resubmission process.

When you revise your manuscript, you need to consider each comment from both the reviewers and the editor, and from the minor comments to the major ones. Please make sure you attempt to address all of them as even minor comments could help you to improve your manuscript.

Following this logic, you need to provide a detailed response point-by-point to explain the choices you made and the way you answer in the new version of your manuscript to these comments. Even in case of disagreement, you need to explain and justify your point of view, and provide solid arguments to defend your position. This is also particularly true when reviewers present diverging views. In that case, we expect you to also consider the divergent one carefully and to provide clear justification for your decisions.

Please make sure that your responses to the comments of the editor and the reviewers are included in a separate file in the resubmission process, different from your revised manuscript. Since all your responses will be enclosed in the same document, it implies that both editor and reviewers can read all your responses you made. You can thus provide a detailed response to a first issue being raised and then refer to it for the other readers (i.e. the editor and/or the other reviewers). If you have no word limits for the answers, it is generally expected that they still remain shorter than the manuscript length. Following this recommendation, you should avoid inserting large paragraphs of your revised manuscript in the reviewers document. We rather suggest to simply put the page numbers of your revised manuscript where you have made changes. Please do not forget to add page numbers to the manuscript since our system does not automatically paginate them.

We wish you all the best for the resubmission process.