In 1000 words: #TimeIsUp, Academics and Organization Studies

  • Nancy Aumais
  • Joëlle Basque
  • Nasima MH Carrim
  • Maria Daskalaki
  • Léa Dorion
  • Julie Garneau
  • Emma Jeanes
  • Monika Kostera
  • Helena Liu
  • Bernadette Loacker
  • Sara Louise Muhr
  • Saoirse Caitlin O’Shea
  • Mie Plotnikof
  • Steffi Siegert
  • Martyna Śliwa
  • Florence Villesèche
  • Dimitra Vladimirou


M@n@gement offers here a mosaic of short and reflexive essays dedicated to the topic: #TimeIsUp, Academics and Organization Studies. Papers may engage in a poetic, controversial, academic, auto-ethnographical, or fictional style but all share strong ideas around the question of academia, gender and organizing.


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Aumais, N., Basque, J., Carrim, N. M., Daskalaki, M., Dorion, L., Garneau, J., Jeanes, E., Kostera, M., Liu, H., Loacker, B., Muhr, S. L., Caitlin O’Shea, S., Plotnikof, M., Siegert, S., Śliwa, M., Villesèche, F., & Vladimirou, D. (2018). In 1000 words: #TimeIsUp, Academics and Organization Studies. M@n@gement, 21(3). Retrieved from

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