M@n@gement 23(1) Publication


Dear colleagues, dear readers, 

Despite these times of crisis, not only sanitary but also social, environmental and economic, we are priviledged enough to announce you the publication of the first issue of 2020, with its new face. 

This wonderful issue 23(1) illustrates the diversity of the AIMS community, its openness and its inclusion, whether it is methodological or theoretical. You can read about a methodological contribution to the study of organizational fields, an analysis of positive effects of sustainability performance disclosure, an attention based approach of business models, a contribution to the field of CCO with the case of performances in feminist activism, and finally an analysis of the materialization of a leader's values into organisational values. To conclude, an Unplugged is dedicated to the Phd journey, as told by Phd students. 

When we wrote the editorial marking our beginning as co-editors in chief, we wanted to think about the idea of sustainable academia. In our opinion, this message, written well before the international crisis that shakes us all, has become all the more relevant. The covid-19 virus crisis is challenging our practices and accelerating changes, notably concerning our traveling, digitalization of work, or the role of collectives, in our research activities. 

Thank you to all those who contributed to this issue, one way or another: authors, reviewers, former editors in chief or senior editors, our partner Open Academia, CNRS InSHS and above all, the AIMS for its support.

Good reading,

In the name of the editorial team,

Héloïse Berkowitz and Hélène Delacour

Co-editors in chief of M@n@gement